“Hard work always pays off. Sail up for a bright future.” On June 17th, the grand commencement and degree-conferring ceremony for the 2019 graduates was held at the auditorium of STDU. 3804 graduates were granted academic degree and diploma. Anchors aweigh! From STDU, they are soon to embark on a new journey of their life.

The Party Secretary of STDU Yang Shaopu, President Long Fenjie, Deputy Secretary Peng Wenmin and Li Xiaohua, Vice President Wang Shengben, Gao Bo, Li Xuchun, Guo Wenwu, Feng Wenjie, and Wang Yandong attended the ceremony. They also awarded the degree and issued the diploma to the students. Vice President Gao Bo hosted the ceremony. 

Figure 1: Party Secretary Yang Shaopu is turning the tassel for the graduates and issuing them degree and diploma.  

In warm applause, President Long Fenjie delivered a passionate speech and expressed his hearty congratulations to graduates who had successfully received their diploma and degree. He warmly welcomed the parents and relatives of the international students who had come a long way to attend the ceremony. He also extended the most sincere thanks to teachers who had given students patient guidance and thoughtful care.

He said with emotion to the students, “Our university feel so gratified at your academic achievements. We are unwilling to part with you. We’d like to give you our best wishes! Wish you a meaningful journey beyond! In September 2014 and 2015, you came here to STDU as the freshmen. In June this year, you will leave here for a new environment as STDU graduates. In the past four and five years, you have witnessed the development of China. And you have experienced the joy and hard work of every single socialist builder. You also bore witness to the unadorned beauty and prosperity of this city of Shijiazhuang, a city built on railway. You have been inspired by the spirit of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, ‘Making Scholarly Research with Precision, Advocating the Courage for Innovation, Educating Students with Care to Chase Dreams Everywhere’. You have been cultivated by the motto of the university, ‘With Discernment and Prudence, Combining Knowing with Doing’. Surely, you have also witnessed your own progress and tasted the bittersweet fruit of self-growth.”

Figure 2: President Long Fenjie is addressing the Graduates with Emotion. 

President Long Fenjie admonished the graduates to always pursue their attainments in value, thinking mode and emotion and the upgrade of their practical ability and innovative skills. He urged them to shoulder the responsibility courageously for the country, society and family. He expected them to make growth a lifelong pursuit which entails an ardent love for the country and people as well as a global vision. Regarding future development and career planning, he advised the students to understand the relation between their family and nation and combine their love for their own family with patriotism. He urged them to be loyal, diligent, grateful and devoted for a brilliant future. He encouraged them to make growth a lifelong pursuit which requires staying true to the mission and plucking up courage to overcome difficulties. He urged them to take outstanding alumnus and alumna as their models and learn to persevere amid difficulties, keep growing despite setbacks and stick to their clear goals in loneliness. He hoped they will adhere to the spirit to strive for their goals and bear in mind that ‘actions speak louder than words’. He exhorted them to have the courage to blaze a trail, the tenacity to never give up, and the vigor of ‘where there is a will there is a way’ in the future. He encouraged them to make growth a lifelong pursuit which necessitates the unity of knowing and doing and the courage to bring forth innovative ideas. No matter in further study or at work, they shall adopt the concept of lifelong study and active learning. They shall work industriously and reflect on their behaviors deeply. They shall fully grasp what they have learned and make themselves irreplaceable in their professional field. They shall continuously broaden the extent of their knowledge and integrate scientific spirit with humanistic aspirations with an inclusive mind. They shall spare no efforts to bring forth new and innovative ideas. They shall bring about the recreation of knowledge. They shall have a scientific attitude, respecting objective rules and seeking for the truth and being practical. They shall cultivate a professional ethic of working with meticulous attention and endeavoring to do better and better. They shall be brave enough to think outside the box and always pursue truth.

Figure 3: Chinese graduate Wu Xianning is giving a speech.

Figure 4: International graduate, Dowa Magreth Eugenia, is making a speech on behalf of all international graduates. 

Wu Xianning, a graduate from the Department of Mathematics and Physics, and Dowa Magreth Eugenia, an international graduate majoring in Civil Engineering, made a speech respectively with much enthusiasm. The two reminisced with emotion every little detail of their life in the past four years and focused on the diverse, open and inclusive culture at STDU. They still remember how they have grown and forged ahead in the process of dream-chasing in spite of trials and tribulations in the profound academic atmosphere under the guidance of the teachers. They also denoted that they would bear in mind the teachers’ exhortations and teachings and devote themselves to spread the culture and spirit of TDU in the new era.

Finally, the commencement ceremony came to an end in the passionate chorus of alma mater.


Figure 5: Singing a song of graduation

Figure 6: Message board of graduates