To ensure the safety and security of international students during their study, long-term international students in China must purchase the Comprehensive Insurance for International Students in China according to the regulations of Chinese Ministry of Education. For students without insurance, registration will be denied.

There are 2 insurance programmes for foreign students. You can learn about it from the picture. Most of universities, including our school, use programme A. The premium is RMB 1000/year.

Students can purchase insurance by logging in http://www.lxbx.net on their own.

If you have any questions about insurance, please use the following contact methods.

Mr. Li: Tel.:0086-311-87939142, 0086-13931996272


Robin: Tel.: 0086-15130120825

WeChat: Robin9661


If you need to go to hospital or need any help with medical care, please contact Miss Liu Yongxin, a teacher assistant in our school who is in charge of helping students with medical care. And if you meet the requirement of the insurance and want to use it, she can also help you with the procedures.


Miss Liu Yongxin: Tel: 0086-13149413606

WeChat: wxid_3owp2pfee3ou22



Procesures of Self-help Insurance Purchasing.doc