A Public Recruitment Announcement of the president of the faculty of material science and engineering in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


    The faculty of material science and engineering in Shijiazhuang Railway University consists of the department of nonmetal material, the department of metal material, the department of high polymer material and chemistry, material science teaching & research centre, material laboratory centre, and the material science and engineering research institute. Within the material laboratory centre, there are inorganic nonmetal material laboratory that is a national authenticated measuring laboratory, metal material laboratory, high polymer material and chemistry laboratory, and material testing centre that is classified as ??a demonstration centre for experiment and teaching in Hebei Province??. The University is now publicly recruiting a president for the faculty of material science and engineering in consideration of its further enhancement and development. All interested candidates should meet the fundamental requirements listed below:

   1. Post responsibilities

   In order to achieve the university??s phasing objectives, the president of the faculty of material science and engineering will be fully responsible for teaching quality, research organization, administrative management, course development, and academic staff development.

   2.  Post criteria

    1)  Fundamental requirements

    -1 Must obey Chinese laws and related regulations; have a friendly attitude towards China; love educating career; easy to get along with other teachers and students.

    2)  academic and working experience requirements

    -1. Candidates should be familiar with higher education patterns and modes of university management. They should also have deep understanding and strong interest in the administration and enhancement of the faculty and its educational performance.

    -2. Candidates should have outstanding performance in fields such as inorganic nonmetal material and new composite material, and considerable reputation among the academic circles and related industries. Candidates are also expected to have the experience of having taken charge in national level education or scientific research programs and acquired first prize at provincial or departmental level for his/her educational outcome or scientific achievements. The number of high quality academic dissertations or research monographs published is also an important factor to be considered.

    -3. Candidates are expected to be under 50 years old and have already acquired professor??s title and doctoral degree.

    -4. Candidates are expected to have fair experience in administrative work and have worked as a department dean or higher positions for at least one year.

    -5. The period of employment is three years. During the period, candidates are expected to work full time. Except for necessary educational and research works, he/she should spent most of his/her working hours on the administrative work in the faculty.

    -6. There is no restriction on the nationality of people

   3.  Terms of employment

   A 160 square-meter apartment is provided for the employed candidate. The property right of this apartment will be given to the individual after his/her ten years?? continuous service. The university will offer appropriate salaries, post allowances, family allowances, and start up funds for scientific researches. The university will also offer a job for the employed candidate??s spouse.

   4. Documents required

   1). a filled entry form (please refer to appendix)

   2). Working and employment certificate of the candidate??s former professorial job, graduation and academic certificate of the candidates first major, and graduation and academic certificates of the candidate??s doctoral degree.

   3). Candidate??s research dissertations and academic monographs published and summaries of programs directed and prizes awarded. 

   5. Deadline for application

   All applications must be lodged before 31st December 2010.

   6. Contact us

   Our address:

   International Department,

   Shijiazhuang Tiedao University,

   Number 17, Beihuandonglu RD.,

   Shijiazhuang,Hebei Province??PRC

   Post Code: 050043     E-mail: 该邮件地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。

   TEL: 0311-87935052, 13582329208

   Contact person: Mr. Jin, Ms. Zhai

   Web site : www.stdu.edu.cn



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I hereby promise that all information I have provided here in the form is truthful??

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