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Qualification of Foreign Teacher

1. Salary: Depending on the relevant certificates of diploma and working ability, the salary should be no less than RMB3800  per month. In the period of the contract for one school year, the foreign teacher will enjoy one-month paid leave during the winter holiday or the summer holiday.

2. The foreign teachers will get RMB 3000-10000, for the air ticket from the university according to where the foreigner??s hometown is.

3. Holiday allowances are provided for the foreign teacher: 1,100 RMB per semester. Besides the Chinese holidays and festivals, the foreign teacher can enjoy a two-day off for Christmas holiday: Dec.25 and Dec.26, if it does not happen to meet Sunday or Saturday.

4. Insurance??According to the relevant policy, the university will offer the medical commercial insurance for the foreign teacher which will cover the serious illness and accidence. The medical expenses over the coverage should be taken by the foreign teacher, if any.

5. The apartment prepared for the foreign teacher equipped with: a two-bedroom apartment, two air-conditioners, computer??telephone and other daily necessities.

6. Subjects to teach: Oral English, French or Spanish, phonetics, western culture, reading, writing and literature

7. Working load: 16 classes per week (50 minutes for each class)



Perfect position, Beautiful Environment and Qualified Students for Far-sighted Foreigner

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