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ESL teachers wanted

Requirements Preffered:

1. Native English speaker

2. Bachelor degree

3. TEFL or TESOL and teaching experience preferred

4. One year contract (2013.9-2014.6)

Teaching tasks:

1. Oral and Listening English

2. Western literature, English or French writing, Introduction of occident culture.

3 Working load: no more than 16 hours each week.

4. Others: Spoken English/French training in this university, English competitions and other activities hosted in this university.

Salary and allowance:

A. The salary: 3800-4500 RMB / month, with RMB 100 Yuan each month for water and electricity.

B. A round-air ticket.

C. Travel allowance: 2200 Yuan / year.

D. The university will offer the medical insurance for the foreign teacher which will cover the serious illness and accidence.

E. A 2-bedroom apartment and necessary facilities.

F. Internet and printer.

Contact us:

Tel: 86-311-87939024 Fax: 86-311-87935052

Email: js502@126.com


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