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Calligraphy Class for International Students

Date 2014-05-20  




     On March 14th 2014, Calligrapher and Professor Yang Jixue from the Ideological Department gave a calligraphy class to the international students in the classroom 1214, Chunhui Building. Nearly twenty foreign students attended the class and learned to create their own calligraphy works.
        In the calligraphy class, Professor Yang first demonstrated how to create the works in great detail and completed several exquisite calligraphy works on the spot, including Chinese poetry and idioms. Two Chinese students from the English Department assisted Professor Yang to produce the works and at the same time translated the profound meaning of the works to the international students in English.

       The international students showed great interest in Chinese calligraphy in the class. They attentively watched Professor Yang when he was creating the works and enthusiastically completed their own calligraphy works under the careful instruction of Professor Yang. At last, their works was handed in as memorials kept by the International Department.

       Through this calligraphy class, the international students found it was not that difficult to create works so that they gained more confidence in learning Chinese traditional culture. Whats more, they ware deeply impressed by the magic of Chinese calligraphy art and had a great time when creating the calligraphy works. Many of them said that they were eager to learn more about Chinese distinctive language and culture.


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