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President of Heibei province¡¯s Visit to STDU

Date£º 2014-05-20  





    On January 14th, the President of Heibei province, Zhang Qingwei, paid a visit to S.T.D.U. to make a research, at the same time to visit Academician Du Yanliang, and send New Year¡¯s greetings, best wishes, and sincere gratitude to the teaching and research staff members on behalf of Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. The leadership accompanying to research included Vice President Xu Ning, Deputy Secretary General Li Jing, Dierctor of Provincial Education Department Liu Jiaomin, Head of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Zhang Yizhen, and Deputy director of Science and Technology Department Bao Jihong.

      Zhang Qingwei inspected the Wind Engineering Laboratory, Large-scale Structural Health Diagnosis and Control Laboratory, Traffic Environment and Safety Engineering Institute, and Space Visualization Laboratory, and was had a talk with lab manager and scientific research workers to know the situation about S.T.D.U. in scientific research, technology application and other aspects. After the site investigation, Zhang Qingwei hosted a symposium, listened to the Party Secretary and President Wang Yuesen¡¯s work report, and made an important speech on accelerating the development of S.T.D.U. and creating a national famous university,

      At the Symposium, Zhang Qingwei spoke highly of Professor Du Yanliang for his professional achievement in various research fields. He said, ¡° Over the years, Professor Du Yanliang took the major engineering theory research and the key technology research and development as the main direction, and with great concentration and silent contribution, he overcame a series of worldwide technical problems and made remarkable achievement, which was not only the pride of Professor Du and S.T.D.U., but also the pride of Hebei.¡±

        He also gave full affirmation to the development of S.T.D.U. in recent years, saying, ¡°STDU shows distinctive school characteristics, solid, guileless, and realistic learning style, and strong team, has created more than 20 National Firsts in scientific research, cultivates a large number of outstanding talents for the traffic construction in our country, and makes a positive contribution to Hebei Province and even the national economic and social development. S.T.D.U. needs to be better integrated into the economic and social development of Hebei; with the aid of the background of the deepening industry-university-research, closely combine self development with regional development strategy, carry out the goal of ¡®talents, achievements, and benefits¡¯ from the 18th CPC National Congress, strive to build a domestic well-known characteristic university, and rely on science and technological achievements to provide better services for the local economic and social development; pay attention to talent introduction and training.


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