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Girls Festival on Campus

Date£º 2014-05-20  



      During March 7 to March 13, 2014, a series of activities were held for the Girls¡¯ Festival in STDU, including STDU Wish Trees Planting£¬Garden Visiting and Special Lectures aiming at improve the all-round development of Girl Students in STDU.

     Professor Xue Jing£¬School of Humanities was invited to deliver a lecture on how to enhance the Right-awareness for girl students. In the activities of Wish Trees Planting, girl students filled in the blanks for the Wishing Cards and waited for boy students who would find the cards and helped them realize the dreams. A girl said, ¡°We are here not for the gifts but to find the happiness of youth.¡± 

    The Girls¡¯ Festival remained as one of the important part in the 3rd Campus Season of Culture and Art. In the coming days, it is expected for teachers and students to enjoy the various competitions such as Campus Singing Competition, Short Drama Competition and Etiquette Competition.


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