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Danielle Greene Won Hebei Friendship Award

Date£º 2014-05-20  


 Danielle Greene Won Hebei Friendship Award


       On March 11th, the Annual Ceremony for Hebei Friendship Award for Foreign Experts was held the 2013 year's in Hebei People¡¯s Hall. Among the ten foreign winners of this award, fortunately, Danielle Greene, an American teacher of our university won this prize.

       The award for Hebei Friendship, was ratified by Hebei provincial government in September,2012. It was selected annually and also the highest honor for foreign professors given by Hebei provincial government. So far it has been held for 9 sessions ,with 179 excellent winners.

       Daniel Greene, since she came here in 2011, due to her love for teaching and Chinese culture, did her almost to work in a way of humor. She integrated the creativity and the interactive of the class, which was not only popular among students but praised by colleagues .As the envoy from our sister state, Iowa in the US, she introduced the education of Iowa to the university, participated in the events of meeting with the representatives from Iowa universities, and promoted the cooperation between our university and the foreign.

     Daniel said that she had a great time in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University during these 3 years. And she was really grateful for Hebei provincial government' awarding, which represented the wonderful recognition of her work. She will make more efforts to contribute to the education of Hebei province.


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