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Graduate Students Commencement Ceremony Held on Campus

Date 2014-05-20  


    On March 19, 2013, Postgraduates Graduation Ceremony & Degree Awarding Ceremony was held on the second floor the Academic Lecture Hall of the Ninth Experiment Building on campus. More than 400 people, including 2013 Graduate Students, the tutor representatives took part in the Graduation Ceremony.

      In his remarks, President Wang Yuesen extended warm congratulations to the learned postgraduates and expressed heartfelt thanks to all the mentors taking elaborate guidance and teaching, and the comrades working hard and carefully for graduate education, confirming the achievements the postgraduates attained at the same time, Wang Yuesen set three hopes for everybody. The first is to put the feet on the ground more than look up high; the second is continuous innovation more than continuous learning; the third is tempering the character but also pursuing excellence. Vice President Du Yanliang, Yang Shaopu, Liu Chaoying Chen Jinjie delivered the speech and vice General-Secretary Liu Zhihua, Vice President Zhao Yuexia, Liu Guoxin presented the awards for the Graduate Students of Academic Excellence.

      With the joyful music, the University leaders, the representatives of the Academic Committee awarded the certificates to the graduates, and then took a group photo to mark the occasion in front of the auditorium.

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