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Top English Teaching Award in National Competition

Dateú║ 2014-05-20  





     Higher education English teaching competition in Hebei province and the forth í░SFLEP Cupí▒ (Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press Cup) national English teaching competition for higher education in Hebei zone ended on June 4th, 2013 in the city of Qinhuangdao. Ms. Liu Xu, English teacher from Foreign Language Department in our university got the First Place Award in í░Listening and Speaking Groupí▒, and Ms. Zhao zhenyu got the Third Place Award in í░Comprehensive Groupí▒, which is the first time for our teachers to get national awards in this competition.

      There are 100 teachers and 57 universities and colleges all over Hebei Province involved in this competition. The whole competition contains two groups of í░Listening and Speaking Groupí▒ and í░Comprehensive Groupí▒. Contestants have to undergo three rounds of í░Prepared Teachingí▒, í░Teaching Plan Presentationí▒ and í░í▒Question Answering on the Spotí▒. Only those who successfully go through these three rounds to the end could be awarded as winners. Ms. Liu Xu stands out from all the 33 teachers and gets No. 1 in the first class award, all because of her profound language commanding, broad pedagogical knowledge and graceful performance on the spot. Hebei Provincial Education Department attaches great importance to this competition and the vice director Zhai Haihun arrives in the competition and presents awards in person to the winners.

    This competition is sponsored coordinately by Institution of Higher Learning Foreign Language Professional Teaching Steering Committee in the Ministry of Education, Institution of Higher Learning Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee in the Ministry of Education, Hebei Provincial Education Department and Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. And foreign language teaching research association of colleges and universities in Hebei province takes the responsibilities of conducting this competition. It is by far the largest and the most influential English teaching competition held within China. This competition provides a platform for English teachers from all kinds of universities and colleges to demonstrate their pedagogical skills and present wisdom and talent, and enables them a lot of opportunities to appreciate, communicate and study. This competition will facilitate the professionalization of English teachers within Hebei province, and enhance the innovation process of foreign language teaching philosophy and model. 

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