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Drama Performance from School of Humanities

Date 2014-06-17  

                Drama Performance from School of Humanities

 In order to enhance the Classical literature reading for the university students and promote the artistic atmosphere of the school, the drama performance was held in the No.9 Building. The school of humanities aims at providing opportunities for the college students to appreciate the classical literature and experience the real life. Before the performance the news about Thunderstorm, Leiyu, written by the famous Chinese writer, Cao Yu has already attract more attention from the audience and the success of the performance caused great interest and positive comments on campus.

  The drama performance was divided into several acts. The Chinese literature majored students in the grade four, have all participated in the drama. They also created a new style of performance---sharing one suit with more people.  On the spot, the actors and actresses were fully involved in the performance and invited the audience enjoy the various emotion from laughter to anger. The fine art arouse the great attention and cheers from the audience.  Especially Shi Ping, a starring role in the drama, played by Li Siqi portrayed a vid image of oppressed woman in front of the audience, regarded as one of the representative images in that time. Students said they enjoy a lot in the performance. Moreover ,they also felt the greatness of the writer, the drama and the theme of the time. Li Jia lun, the monitor of the class said that they promoted the understanding towards the classical literature and experience the glamour of the drama and build deeper friendship. They are saluting to the classical culture and promote our own Chinese culture.

       In the end, the instructor of the drama, professor Liu Suping, and Ms. Zhang Li from Office of Administration, commented on the drama performance. The praised the students innovation and encouraged their effort-making in the performance. They said, What the author brings to us, the drama Thunderstorm, is not merely a literature work, but more the reappearance of the history, the interpretation of the destination. What the students expressed is not only performance, but the understanding, appreciation and reading, more the respect for the history and culture.

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