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Professor Zha Mingjian's Academic Speech

Date£º 2014-07-02  



       Recently, Department of Foreign Language invited Professor Zha Mingjian, President of English School in Shanghai International Studies University, to STDU to deliver an academic speech entitled  ¡° The Humanistic Connotation of English Major Education|¡±.

     Professor Zha pointed out that according to the national need for English majors, the English teaching should be improved in term of students¡¯ language skills. Meanwhile it aims  to expand students' human horizon, to train students¡¯ language sensitivity, cultural sensitivity, and aesthetic consciousness, and to enhance students¡¯ overall human qualities and cross-cultural communication ability. Based on the analysis of English major's humanistic connotation, he emphasized the transformation of teaching concept from learning English to English learning and explained how to embody language awareness, cultural consciousness, and human consciousness in English teaching through specific learning examples. In the speech, Professor Zha quoted many authoritative works and explained profound theories in simple and humorous language, which was greatly praised by the teachers.

     Zha Mingjian not only is the first-level academic backbone as a PhD Supervisors and famous professor in Shanghai International Studies University, but also holds many important posts in school and outside and has published a large number of academic papers and monographs.

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