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2014 Welcome-Freshmen Party on Campus

Date£º 2014-10-12  

        On September 19, 2014 Welcome-Freshmen Party was held on campus by University Young League Committee, University Students¡¯ Union and Association for Organization with the title of ¡°Everlasting soul, and devotion to the all lands of China¡±.  Zhang Jianmin, Liu Jinxi, the Members in University Party Committee, directors in Administrative Offices and the University Party Committee Secretaries, the Vice Presidents in Schools, the Youth League Committee Secretaries, Supervisors and all freshmen watched the performance.

        The retired teachers performed Everlasting Soul which wrote an immortal chapter of Tiedao People and pursued the devotion to all land of China¡¯s Dream. The students enjoyed an audio-visual feast and left lasting impression with beautiful songs like Chinese Moon, Jiu Gan Tang Mai Wu. All students waved their hands with rhythm and enjoyed themselves in the warm and encouraging atmosphere. The poem Forever Tiedao Soldiers, performed by STDU Broadcast Station and School of Humanities reached to the top of the whole party. Rolling in the Deep ended the party in joyful atmosphere.

        The freshmen party demonstrated the energy and beauty in youth and the students felt the warmth of home on campus. The 2014 welcome-party will witness the opening of the Third Freshmen Culture and Art Season of STDU, including the Freshmen Speech Contest, Essay Competition, Debate Contest, Freshmen Talent Show, Freshmen Masquerade and so on.

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