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Prize of Excellent Graduates of Universities of CCES

Date 2014-11-25  

       Lv Yuanyuan-the Student of Our School Was Awarded the Prize of Excellent Graduates of Colleges and Universities of China Civil Engineering Society

      A few days ago, the 2014 China Civil Engineering Society award for outstanding graduates of colleges and universities announced the results, and the student of 2010 session undergraduate Lv Yuanyuan majoring in civil engineering colleges was elected and who is now at Beijing Jiaotong University reading for a master's degree.

      It is widely known that the "China Civil Engineering Society Award for Outstanding Graduates of Colleges and Universities" was set up by the China Civil Engineering Society in 1989 to honor rewards the outstanding students who are academic achievers and possess creative achievements in graduation design or in the production of science and technology. "Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Award (innovation award in China)","Outstanding Civil Engineering Award" and the award we just mentioned are the three national awards in civil engineering professional.

      The award selection is one time every year when more than 450 candidates from civil building engineering professional universities of graduating students across the country are recommended. China Civil Engineering Society Education Work Committee is responsible for the organizing selection. It puts forward the winning candidate list and then submits it to the China Civil Engineering Society for approval. In 2014, the total number of 45 students won the title throughout the country. (30 majoring in Civil Engineering,15 majoring in Construction Management ).

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