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The Food Safety Seminar: Teach You to Eat in a More Healthy

Date 2015-01-12  

         The Food Safety Seminar: Teach You to Eat in a More Healthy Way

     In order to further popularize the food safety knowledge, strengthen the food safety consciousness of all the teachers and students, the Office of Student Affairs specially invited Food Inspection Dean Assistant Dr. Le Hui of Hebei province delivering the special report for teachers and students in our university.

Dr. Le Hui explained in detail the division of the food, the structure of nutrition necessary for our health

     He also introduced how to buy rest assured food, prevention of food poisoning and remove pesticide residues in fruits, vegetables and food as well as safety related practical knowledge. In addition, Li Hui also taught students how to identify counterfeit food and warned the students not to eat food without safety protection and recommended the right place to buy the right food.

After the meeting, the students said that the special report let them be aware of a lot of knowledge about food safety, and it corrected their wrong ideas about food safety.


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