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Spring Festival Visit for Working Staff and Students

Dateú║ 2015-03-06  


       On February 18th, the President of STDU Wang Yuesen, Committee Member Professor Zhang Jianmin, accompanied by the directors in Administrative Office, Serving Office, Security Office, Office of Studentsí» Affairs, Office of International Communication and Cooperation, Office of Young League, visited the working staff members, International Students and had new year lunch with them.

       On the Spring Festival Eve, the happy and beautiful scene was taken on. In the morning, President Wang Yuesen, Committee Member Professor Zhang Jianmin visited different posts on campus, the Academic Center, School Offices, Transportation Center,Telecommunication Center, Electricity Center. When they arrived, they shook hands with the working staff members, talked with them, got familiar with their work and life, and expressed their good wishes of spring festival.

       During the lunchtime, STDU leaders came to the dining room and had lunch with them. President Wang Yuesen, on behalf of the STDU Committee expressed the spring festival good wishes for them and wished them a good health, a progress in learning and a happy family. They all cheered up to welcome the new year.

      STDU leaders cared about the life and study of International Students. Office of Studentsí»Affair organized special meetings to plan for the studentsí» part-time job opportunities, they also handed out the small gifts for the students and solved the problems for them to ensure a safe, happy and harmonious spring festival.
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