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Activities for the 8th Girls¡¯ Day in STDU

Date£º 2015-03-27  


       From March 6th to 9th,a series of activities were organized for the 8th' Girls' Day in STDU,including warm messages,fun games,running, lectures about youth and giels health, etc. Nearly one thousand young students from the whole university took an active part in these activities, crearting a lively festival atmosphere.

       Meanwhile, this series of event is also an important of the mass extracurricular physical exercise for college students themed with "Off the Internet,Out of the Dormitory, Tothe Playground". The event enriched the culture life in the campus, promoted the communication among the departments of the college. In the process of participating in these activities, a large number of young students enhanced the friendship with others, shared the joy,angd reaped the health benefits.

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