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¡°Reading Master¡± Ceremony

Date£º 2015-05-04  

    On the 20th World Reading Day, the library in STDU held the second ¡°Reading Master¡± ceremony in order to advocate reading and create the scholarly atmosphere in the campus. Hosted by Wang Jiacheng, curator of the library, the ceremony was participated by director of Student Office Zhao Yangang, Party Secretary Liu Suping, the leaders from the library, and some representatives of teachers and students. Vice-president Li Jinshan attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

      At the ceremony, Li Jinshan praised the award-winning students for bringing an excellent start in reading, and encouraged everyone to read more books and read great books to make more contributions to the construction of campus culture and to form a better reading atmosphere in the campus. Meanwhile, he also fully affirmed the reading promotion activities organized by the library. After the ceremony, the library leaders and the teachers had an exchange conversation with the award-winning teachers and students. The teachers and students spoke their mind and shared their reading experience.

      It is reported that before the 20th World Reading Day, there was a series of reading promotion activities conducted in the library. Started in March and on the theme of ¡°Display Read Books, Share Reading Joy¡±, the book donation activity has received more than 15,000 donated books so far; the campaign, ¡°Teacher Recommend, Students Read¡±, has collected a list of favorite books from senior teachers recommended to teachers and students to enhance their reading taste. In addition, resources display, information consultant, seminars and other activities will be carried out during the Library Service Week .


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