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Do You Remember the Lyrics? Public Contest

Date 2015-05-05  

     On the evening of April 25th, the Second Do You Remember the Lyrics? Contest was hosted by School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the campus of STDU. Organized by the 4th College Culture and Arts Festival Organizing Committee, this contest was to promote environmental public welfare and to show the vitality of contemporary youth. Youth League Secretary Chen Mingzhang, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee Li Gengquan, Vice President of Electric School Zhang Xuelong, General Manager of Encompass in China Huang Yinquan, Head of Road Management Office Bai Yongbin, Hebei news reporter Dong Haotian, and more than one thousand people watched the contest at the scene.

    Started by a brilliant hip-hop and a wonderful song, the contest was full of youthful and joyful atmosphere with continuous applause. Since the players were equally outstanding, an extra time was applied to decide who could pass to the next stage. In the last game, the players showed not only the memory skill in the lyrics of songs but also a quick response capability, and through co-operation and interaction with the audience, they constantly put forward the game into a climax. After fierce competition, Tan Yan from Electrical Engineering School eventually won the title of "Lyrics King".
      After the contest, Vice President Zhang Xuelong and Sponsor Representative Huang Yinquan jointly donated a value of 1,000 yuan anti-smog masks to the sanitation workers' representatives.
      Not only the contest was a short audio-visual pleasure or relaxing weekend cultural fad for students in STDU, but it also passed on the ideas of environmental protection, caring, and concerning about public welfare undertakings through fun recreational activities. Though the contest is over now, we are still on the way to promote public welfare.

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