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International Style of 31st Track and Field Sports Meet

Date£º 2015-05-28  


     The 31st Track and Field Sports Meet of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University has been hold successfully at stadium during 16th and 17th in May. Secretary of the Party committee and President  Wang Yuesen Wang,Vice Secretary of the Party committee Liu Zhihua,Vice President Yang Shaopu, Chen Jinjie, as well as the Party Committee Memember Jianmin Zhang, Jinxi Liu attended the opening ceremony along with all the athletes among 2000 teachers and students.Thanks to the coordination and supportion from all kinds of departments,one and a half-day long competition schedule has completed. Here shows the results after the hotly contested match.

Students Group Awards                             
1st    Sifang  College

2nd   School of Cvil Engeineering                        
3rd   School of International Education                
4th   School of Economics and Management           
5th   School of Electrical Engineering                       
6th School of Profesional Training and Technology

     In addition,   the Sportsmanship Awards were achieved by School of Mechanial Engineering, School of Humanities, School of Architecture and Art, School of Engineering Mechanics, and Department of Mathemetics.

      At the opening ceremony, international students impressed the audienc with the wonderful performance ¡°New Back Home "and " Changshan Battle Drum "which had been respectively awarded as the second prize and the Best Momentum Award in the 9th "Jizhiguang" Chinese Language Competence and China Talent Contest for international teachers and students in Hebei province.

      Currently, there are approximately 150 international students from more than 20 countries, including  Bengal, Korea, SriLanka, Zimbabwe, Namibia , Pakistan,Algeria, Zambia, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sul tan, India, Senegal, Togo, Morocco. They competed with Chinese students and finally won the third place of students¡¯group award. Morever,they were pretty good at sprint,high jump and throwing.

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