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Psychological Drama í░Bells of Heavení▒

Dateú║ 2015-06-11  


      At 19:00 May 25th, the psychological drama í░Bells of Heavení▒ was put on the stage in UPNA, held by Studentsí» Office and Psychological Counseling Center, organized by School of Humanities, and watched by over 1,000 teachers and students.
     "Bells of Heaven" is a drama that concerns the mental health of contemporary college students and promotes the noble virtues of teachers. It begins with the heroin of the story, a magazine intern reporter Yang Yuan, finding a mysterious contribution, "Bells of Heaven", and tells about Tan Xiaoyue, a female graduate with extreme personalities from a medical university, accidentally injured her tutor Professor Zhou Ming with a knife for competition for a place to study abroad with a male graduate student Wang Zhiqiang. Unexpectedly, Professor Zhou Ming saved Tan Xiaowei from punishment for cherishing her talents and recommended her for the chance to study abroad, and eventually moved her. With a multi-line narrative style like flashback, a compact plot, and a strong sense of suspense, this drama laid out a complex event in a way like peeling layers of the cocoon and triggered the audience to ponder deeply.
     "Bells of Heaven" is the first original drama in China that reflects psychological education of college students, and it has toured in many colleges and universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. Its successful performance in STDU marked the end of series of activities with the theme of "Care for Life, Embrace Youth" for the Metal Health Month. During this month, 24 panels with mental health knowledge were displayed, 4 mental movies were projected, 2 large-scale mental health lectures were organized, and more than 300 solicit articles or essays about mental health were received; the psychological health quiz, psychological class meeting and psychological well-being activities were held. The series of activities for the Mental Health Month comprehensively increased the psychological health awareness of college students, effectively promoted the communication and exchange between students, and enhanced the spiritual and cultural construction for the harmonious campus.

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