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Vice-president of FIT Visited STDU for Cooperative Education

Dateú║ 2015-11-16  

     September 13th, in order to promote the Sino-foreign cooperative education program of í░Mechanical Engineering and Automationí▒ in STDU and to enhance studentsí» understanding of the program, Xu Peifeng, vice-president of Florida Institute of Technology and the assistant to the president He Qiang came to visit STDU and meet all students from the International Class.
     At the meeting, vice-president Xu Peifeng showed the students the advertising video of Florida Institute of Technology, presenting a wonderful learning experience abroad from teaching, research, student activities, student growth and other aspects. After the video ended, he also gave a detailed explanation of the policies and the management of the institute. Faced with the students questions about the high fees, he said that the College will maximize the scholarships for students from "2 + 2 Model" to ease their financial pressure. In the interactive sessions, vice president Xu Peifeng answered studentsí» questions patiently and carefully.
     After the meeting, vice-president Xu Peifeng, accompanied by Guo Wenwu, Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, had a deep discussion with teachers from Mechanical Engineering School on the issues of the training plans, the mutual recognition of courses, the foreign courses and the classroom training etc. in Conference Room 204, Mechanical Engineering Building.
    The education program "Mechanical Engineering and Automation" in cooperation with Florida Institute of Technology has been officially launched. We believe that the educational cooperation between STDU and the foreign institutions will become better and better in the future!

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