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Zeng Weiming from SMU Visited STDU for Exchang Activities

Date£º 2015-11-17  

       On September 24th,  having received an invitation of our College of Information Science and Technology£¬Professor Zeng Weiming from Shanghai Maritime University came to our school for exchange activities.

        In the evening,Professor Zeng Weiming delivered an academic speech forteachers and students in Security and Emergency Center,JiaoTong building,with thetheme of "functional magnetic resonance imaging and information mining";On the 25th, Professor Zeng Weiming ,as well as Professor Pu Chunhui,the assistant dean of Information Institute,carried out extensive discussion on the cultivation of postgraduates and the construction of discipline and practical base.Furthermore,the two sides reached an agreement on the comprehensive cooperation in sharing theinformation resource.
      Professor Zeng  Weiming is the assistant dean of School of Information Engineering,Shanghai Maritime University.He is also the Ph.D.supervisor as well as  the Professor of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning.

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