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Teachers and Students Focus on Power of High-speed Railway

Date£º 2015-11-17  

      Recently, the researcher Zhang JiYuan from the Locomotive and Car Research Institute, China Academy of Railway Sciences, delivered an academic speech on the topic of ¡°Development Situation and New Technologies of Traction Power Supply System in High-speed Railway ¡± for the teachers and students from Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Security and Emergency Center 314, JiaoTong building.   

      Researcher Zhang JiYuan introduced the power supply technologies,operation situation and innovative technologies of power supply in high-speed railway, and made the detailed elaboration on the the new technologies applied in high-speed railway; Also, combining the practical problems of power supply technologies in the high-speed railway, he got the analysis and summarization based on the test data. Finally, he expressed his views on the characteristics and trends of power supply technologies in high-speed railway.  

       This academic report, which provides a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the development of power supply system and technologies in high-speed railway, not only increases the academic knowledge, but also riches the valuable experience and opens up the new research ideas for teachers and students.

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