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Lei Feng¡¯s Followers Among Our International Students

Date£º 2016-03-09  


        March 3rd, China Daily covered a news report about Robin, an international student in our university, with a nick name of International ¡°Lei feng¡±.
        Robin, currently, has become a personality popularizing among the international students of STDU. Every students has the telephone number of Robin because he is the first person who met them in the railway station or airport. Robing has been enjoying the busy pace of meeting the new students during the September. In the beginning of every semester, he spares a lot of time to check the documents and routines of every students sometimes until the midnight. As a volunteer, Robin has already helped more than 300 new students in Beijing, and cities of Hebei province.


        Robin says, ¡° I have not remember clearly how many tickets i bought for Beijng to Shijiazhuang, but what i remember is the happy smile and trustful eye of every new students; In my country, Muhammad Yunus is like Leifeng, an example who likes to help others. Both of them are my life-long idols.
        Ruhul,another warm-hearted student from Bangladesh,influenced by Robin¡¯s example, set out to teach Chinese for International students for two semester free of charge, winning the admiration and friendship from international students. Ruhul says, ¡° It is a great fun to teach the students Chinese and I will continue.¡±

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