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2016 Spring Football Tournament of International Students

Date 2016-04-03  

The tournament was hosted by the school of International Students for the first time on Monday, 14th of March.  The weather was good with a crisp morning and a warm sunny day. It involved five teams these where, The Freshmen Team, MBA and BBA Team, Electronics and Electric joined with International Trade, Civil Engineer and invited the Chinese School Team. The time for the games was set at the noon time 12.00pm ? 1.00pm. It was a 30minutes fulltime game, 15 minutes a side then 5 minutes rest. The tournament was divided into three stages, 1. The group stages whereby each team has two games to play to qualify for the next stage and the last team was disqualified. 2. The next stage was the Semi- Finals where by the draw was made among the four remained teams. 3. The last stage, the was third place contestant and the Finals.

The tournament clashed between the Freshmen Team versus Electric and Electronics with IT. It was a tension game and ended a draw (0-0). Most of the guys showed there best and even the expected and unexpected was also found. The second game was scheduled the next day(Tuesday) it was between Civil Engineers vs BBA and MBA. The BBA and MBA team won by 1 GOAL. The third game was between BBA and MBA versus Chinese School Team. The game ended (0-1), the Chinese School Team WON. The forth game was between Electrics and Electronics with International Trade versus Civil Engineering. The game ended with the victory from Civil Engineering by 1 GOAL. The last group stage game was scheduled on Friday, Chinese School Team versus Freshman. The Freshmen stormed the Chinese School Team by 2 splendid GOALS. Due to failure of winning even a single goal from the school of Electrics and Electronics with International Trade, they where OUT of the competition.

On Monday,21st of March, The first Semi-Finals kicked off. It was between BBA and MBA versus Freshmen. The match ended goalless, hence proceeded to the penalty kick. The BBA and MBA WON by 5-3 penalties. The second Semi-Finals was between Chinese School Team versus Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineering Team smashed the Chinese School Team by 3 GOALS to NIL. The staged followed was the THIRD PLACE contest, Freshmen versus Chinese School Team. Whereby the Freshmen WON the game through the PENALTY KICKS (4-2).


Saturday, 26th March. The game was scheduled on an early hours of the day around 10pm. Before the game there were some shows presented, the cheer ladies were there and also the music was loud under the organization of MARC FOUBA ALEXANDER. The invited guests involved the Dean of the University Professor BAI and the Dean of International Students Mr. JIN. The game began with high tension on the both sides but before the final minutes of the FIRST half The Civil Engineering Team managed to take a lead from their prominent striker MENSA PAUL, it was a rebounce shot from their Captain named MBAIMBAI VICTOR, whereby the goalkeeper named EMILY© A.K.A The Wall failed to grab it. The game ended 1 NIL and hence CIVIL ENGINEERING TEAM was declared a winner of 2016 SPRING INTERCOURSE TOURNAMENT.

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