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Foreign Students Went to Mountain Village to Send Warmth

Date£º 2016-04-14  

        More than 10 foreign students in our school participated in a charity sales held by Shijiazhuang Guangyuan Road Community which was aimed at the orphaned children in a nearby village on the March 19th. The orphans performed Chinese traditional programs which attracted a great deal of local residents to come to donate money. Furthermore, a Chinese traditional program named War Drums of Changshan pushed the fund-raising activities to an exciting climax. A few days later, our foreign students together with the volunteers of the community purchased books and stationeries for the orphaned children with the donations they had put together.
        On the morning of the 26th of March , foreign students lead by Volunteer association went again to the nearby village to deliver goods they had received from the charity sale to the orphaned children. The foreign students where really excited to  be meeting with the orphans. On the way to our destination, a foreign student from Zimbabwe named CHICCO sang a well-known song-¡¶HeTangYueSe¡·which had everyone singing to it. 

        With the arrival of foreign students and other volunteers from our school, the peaceful primary school in LingShou County was ablaze with activity as the Chinese students and the foreign students taught each other Chinese and English, played a quite a number of games all with a merry mood. After a while the orphans made dumplings and climbed mountain Qiu together after lunch. The foreign students donated books, toys, clothes and sports equipment. When it was time for leaving at 3:00pm the foreign students embraced the children with sadness And they promised the children that they would see them constantly.

        Miss Ma, a member of Hebei Volunteers Association, said that this teacher had volunteered teaching in this school for 20 years. During the past 20 years, she stuck to volunteering and fostered groups of children. She said, these 8 children were all orphaned children and she took care of them just like their mother. Foreign students were deeply moved by her consistence  and dedication without asking for anything. They all promised that they would constantly come back to see these children.
        These warm hearted trips to nearby villages makes foreign students feel the tenderness of the Chinese civil society and they are willing to participate in these kind of activities. It mounds and enriches their life sense while they care for the children. They are proud of studying in China, and said they must learn Chinese and the Chinese culture well, so that they can bring China¡¯s diverse culture back to their own countries.

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