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The Female Basketball Tournament 2016

Date£º 2016-05-09  

        The Female Basketball Tournament 2016 was the first of its kind to ever be held in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. The tournament took two weeks and only five teams participated. Namely, Business and Economics team, Civil Engineering team, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (E.E.E) team, the Mechanics School team and the winners of the tournament, the International Students team.
        On Monday 11th April, the tournament commenced with the International Students team facing the Business and Economics team. The match kicked off at around half past noon. Though the International Students gave it their all, they couldn¡¯t outmatch the Business and Economics team, marking their first and only loss in the tournament.
        In their second match, which took place on the 13th of April, the International Students team went head to head with the E.E.E team. The E.E.E team started very strongly, taking the lead and were comfortably in control of the game. In the third quarter of the game, the International Students got back in the game, inspiring a glorious comeback. This was their first crucial win of the tournament which was one of the wins that led up to their victory.
        Despite the E.E.E team¡¯s defeat, both teams qualified for the semi-finals. The Business and Economics team and the Civil Engineering team also went through to the semi-finals. The Mechanics School team were the only ones kicked out of the competition at this stage after failing to secure a win that would¡¯ve guaranteed a spot for the team in the semi-finals.

        On the second and last week of the tournament, the semi-finals kicked off and the fixtures were as follows:

 Tuesday 19th April  Civil engineering vs International students   12:00 PM
 Thursday 21st April  E.E.E vs Business and Economics  12:00 PM

        The Civil Engineering team took on the International Students team in the first match of the semi-finals. It wasn¡¯t a tough fixture for the international students as they had gained a boost in confidence after winning their previous match. Although the Civil Engineering team gave it their all, the International Students team came out on top and were on their way to the finals. In the second fixture the E.E.E team and the Business and Economics team went head to head for the second time in this tournament. Losing their first match, the Business and Economics came back to settle a score but the E.E.E team proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, easily defeating the Business and Economics team once again.
        Sunday the 24th of April was the day of the Finals. It came down to the International Students and the E.E.E team. This was the second time the two teams were meeting. The E.E.E weren¡¯t so lucky the first time and as it turned out they weren¡¯t lucky the second time either. Although the E.E.E team scored the first basket of the game, the International Students team were the ones dominating the game. The E.E.E team tried their best to match their opponents but their efforts bore no fruits.
        Congratulations to the International Students team made history in winning the tournament and to all the teams that participated. Hopefully next year more teams will be able to join the tournament.

Written by Abdirahman Farah,
 Edited by Mohammed Aden
& Mai Ameer.

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