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Chinese and International Students Visited Hebei Museum

Date 2016-05-11  

        A few days ago, led by three instructors Rong Gaoyue, Guo Lele and Wang Weijiao, students from Foreign Language Department and International Education College went to Hebei Provincial Museum to visit and learn.

        Under the guidance of Museum' s docent, all students visited the exhibition hall of unearthed cultural relics of the Han Dynasty together. Then Chinese students and international students visited the exhibition hall of Hebei Porcelain and the exhibition hall of relics of Zhongsha State in groups. During the visit, international students showed their keen interest in the extensive and profound Chinese culture, and sometimes exchanged their ideas with Chinese students. Whats more, some international students took notes while listening. The international student Kundai from Zimbabwe said that these exhibitions were exquisite and showed profound Chinese culture with a long history. He would like to be the link between the cultures of the two nations and bring the fascinations of Chinese culture to his own country.

        This activity, held by Foreign Language Department and International Education College, was meant to help foreign students deeply understand the ancient civilization and glorious culture of China and Hebei. It also allowed students of Foreign Language Department to practice English in real contexts and promote mutual learning and understanding between foreign students and Chinese students. This activity gained strong support from the Hebei Museum. The Museum officials said, "This activity made students from countries around the world know the Chinese culture, especially the Yan Zhao culture, which is meaningful and worthy of promotion. And students and teachers from Shijiazhuang Tiedao University were welcomed to the Hebei Museum" .

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