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International Students and the Arbor Day in China

Date 2017-03-14  

The most splendid scene is in Spring, yet the most memorable moment is in March.It was March 12th, the Arbor Day in China.  Under the advocacy of the NetEase in Hebei, Love Service Alliance of Sunflower, and Shijiazhuang Traffic Radio, the international students from School of International Education in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University were assembled at 6 o'clock in the morning for plantation at "XiaoBi shelter-forest".

After arriving at the shelter-forest, under the instruction of Zhai Qingwei et al, the international students worked together with a clear division of labor, such as carrying saplings, hilling, and watering, and everyone was behaving in an orderly manner.  In the meantime, by overcoming various difficulties, the international students as a team made the rows of saplings "settled down" here.  Their responsible deed were highly praised by leaders from the "XiaoBi shelter-forest".

Through this activity, not only everyone's environmental protection awareness has been strengthened, but also the students have a better understanding to Chinese culture, and feel efforts Chinese have committed to the environmental protection.



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