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International Students at the 33th STDU Sports Meeting

Date 2017-04-20  

On April 15th, the 33th Sports Meeting in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University has begun.  Vice-president Chen Jinjie delivered the opening address, and President Yang Shaopu announced the opening of the games.

To pass the positive energy, the formation of International Education School performed African singing and dancing during the opening ceremony. The performance received enthusiastic applause from the mass.  During the sports competitions, international students tenaciously strive to succeed, and never give up.  At the same time, everyone from International Education School at the auditorium showed their supports as a team.

After one and a half days' competitions, International Education School won multiple individual and team prizes.  For individual games, Tebok Awazi Edi won the first place in men 100 meters race, and men 200 meters race; Kamweneshe Chuma won the first place in women 200 meters race; Majokwere Ngonidzashe won the first place in men short and discus games; Kwaramba Loraine and Abomo Madoly won the first and second place in women short put; Ndhlovu Flywell won the second place in men high jump; Muzavazi Rodwell won the fifth place in men short put game; Gunda Chidochemoya Heather won the sixth place in women 100 meters race.  For team competitions, Makunike Tariro Joyce, Gunda Chidochemoyo Heather, Kamweneshe Chuma, and Chokodza Ashlley Mercy won the first place in women 4100 relay; Sakariye Abdirahman Mohamed, Tackie Desmond Nil Addy, Peter Peter Iyambo, Makunike Tariro Joyce, Kamweneshe Chuma, and Chokodza Ashlley Mercy won the third place in the 6400 mixed relay.  Finally, with everyone's efforts, International Education School won the fourth place as a team during this year's sports meeting.


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