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International Students Spent the Spring Festival on Campus

Date: 2018-03-12  

In the winter of 2018, when Chinese students have been enjoying the Spring Festival holiday and family reunion at home, more than 150 international students have stayed on campus for reasons such as long distant trips. In order to alleviate the homesickness of the overseas students in the long winter vacation and enrich their cultural life, and create a relaxed, happy and peaceful festival atmosphere, the School of International Education has provided lanterns and Spring Festival couplets for foreign students' apartments, while offering holiday consolation for students on campus, and carrying out a series of winter vacation activities. International recreational sports have been held such as slow bikes, darts, Gobang, etc. Also, the school have organized international students to watch Hebei local opera performances. The students have experienced Chinese folk customs and other cultural practices. In the meantime, tutorials such as Chinese dictation, Chinese speaking, ancient poetry appreciation have been held.

Various activities enriched the extracurricular life of international students, enhanced their friendship and achieved the purpose of pleasing their body and mind, releasing pressure and loving life, which led to a safe and happy campus life for international students during the winter vacation.

Slow Cycling Race

Darts Match

Darts Match

Gobang Competition

Students watch Opera Performances and Experience the Baogong Appearance


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