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Multiple measures taken to ensure life of students

Date 2020-09-14  

As Chinese students return to the campus 8-months later, the fall semester of 2020 is about to begin. Looking back on the past, this spring semester is an unusual semester. Since the winter vacation, only 150 foreign students have been left on the closed campus because Chinese students affected by the epidemic cannot return to school.

Due to the epidemic situation was first discovered in China, our country was the first to bear the brunt of international concern. Being far away from home, cannot visit friends, confined in school, the mental pressure of students was increasing, and the families of the students are also worried.

In order to help students solve difficulties and relieve stress, multiple measures had been taken to alleviated the students' nervousness: reasonable arrangement of teaching; timely conversation with students; students are encouraged to report peace to their parents, explain the actual situation of the epidemic situation in China to them; organize students' physical examination to ensure the students' health; if the students are not well, the teacher will take the students out for medical treatment in person; and at the same time a number of arts, sports activities held, too, including football game, basketball shooting, table tennis tournament, chess, calligraphy, painting, writing.

These activities greatly enriched the amateur cultural life of students, and the smile has returned to the students' faces.

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