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President of Florida Tech Congratulating on STDU¡¯s 70th Anni

Date£º 2020-09-16  

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, presidents of many universities and colleges having relations of friendly cooperation with STDU have sent letters and telegrams of congratulations and expressed their best wishes to our university. Professor Dwayne McCay, President of Florida Institute of Technology, also sent a video he specially crafted.

Florida Tech is a tier 1-ranked research university with well-known research centers in outer space, energy and power, electric engineering, mechanical engineering, aircraft, rocket, satellite, and many other aerospace fields. It is also the training base of managerial and technological talent for Kennedy Space Center. The university has been rated among the top 7% doctoral universities in the United States for 16 years in a row (U.S. News & World Report). Its engineering major ranks among the top 13 of American universities (Fiske Guide to Colleges). It has also obtained the glory of Best University in Southeast America (Princeton Review).

Since its signing of the contract of cooperation in running schools with STDU, its executives and related managerial personnel have held activities of exchanges concerning management and teaching for seven times. In 2015 and 2016, its President Dwayne McCay paid special visits to our university and coordinated the detailed work of cooperation and exchange programs between the two sides. It has provided a solid platform of communication in aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, scholarly exchange of faculty members, and academic exchanges. By 2020, 41 STDU undergraduates and postgraduates and 15 teachers have been to Florida Tech for academic visits.

In 2019, the co-sponsored undergraduate program in the major of mechanical manufacturing and automation passed the evaluation of China¡¯s Ministry of Education for Sino-foreign cooperation of running schools. This program has advanced STDU¡¯s disciplinary construction and the development of its ¡°Double First Class¡± university plan and helped to train the faculty members of the Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Mathematics and Physics, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Economics and Management, and others. The overall level of teaching and scientific research has also been elevated.

President Dwayne McCay, on behalf of all faculty members and students of Florida Tech, extended his heartfelt congratulations on STDU¡¯s 70th anniversary. He noted that he would pay a visit to our university as soon as the coronavirus pandemic ends so as to enhance the communications between the two sides and upgrade the cooperation to a new high.

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