Deng Xiaoyan


Bachelor, Professor

Department of electrical and electronics engineering, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•B.E., Industril electrical automation, Hebei University of Tecknoledg

Research Areas

Computer Measurement and control

Research Profile

Deng Xiaoyan is a Professor of department of electrical and electronics engineering in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Her research fields include Computer Measurement and control. Deng Xiaoyan teaches Single-chip Microcomputer Principium and Application, Automatic Control Theory, Singal System for Urban Rail Transit, Electric Circuit Analysys at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Before joining theUniversity, she was an engineer at Vigny nylon factory of Shijiazhuang for 3 years. Deng Xiaoyan has published more than 20 papers.

Professional Honors and Awards

• The first prize of quality of teaching, shijianzhuang Tiedao University Award, 2008~2009.

• Advanced individual of teaching management, shijianzhuang Tiedao University Award, 2008~2009.

• Advanced group of teaching management, shijianzhuang Tiedao University Award, 2009~2010

• Teaching model, shijianzhuang Tiedao University Award, 2010~2011

Selected Recent Publications

1. Deng Xiaoyan,the Green House Measure & Control System Based on 1-wire Bus Technique,electrical automation, 2006 Vol.28 No.3, p56-57

2. Deng Xiaoyan, Liu Ruijing, the Recovery System of Electric Bicycle Battery Based on STC12C5410AD, electrical automation, 2008 Vol.30 No.3, p36-38

3. Liu Ruijing,Deng Xiaoyan Testing system of lead-acid battery capacity based on STC12C5410AD, telecom power technology, 2008 Vol.25 No.4, p47-49

4. Deng Xiaoyan, Liu Ruijing, Research of Testing Method for Lead-Acid Battery Internal Resistance, Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, 2009 Vol.30 No.10, p261-264

5. Yu zhiqiang,Gao meng, Liu Huaping,Deng Xiaoyan,Liu Jianhua, Wu Qiurui,Liu Yuewei,Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance in Polar Coordinates for Mobile Robot Based on Laser Radar,2008PACIFIC-ASIA Workshop on Cmputational Intelligence and Industrial Application

6.  Gao, Meng, Shi, Yanhui, Deng, Xiaoyan, Wan Jing, Overhead Line of Electrified Railway Feeding Point Parameters Wireless Measuring

Source: Yi Qi Yi Biao Xue Bao/Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, v 29, n SUPPL., p 72-74, April 2008

Language: Chinese
Publisher: Science Press

7.  Deng Xiaoyan, Wang Jing,Design and Implementation of CTCS3 Column Train Computer Operation System, Journal of the hebei academy of sciences, 2011 Vol.28 No.4, p40-44