Sun Xiaoyun


Ph.D, Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•Ph.D., Electric Theory and New Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University

•M.S., Testing Technology and Automation Apparatus, Hebei University of Technology

•B.S., Automatization, Hebei University of Technology

Research Areas

Computer Control Technology, Electrical Engineering, Nondestructive detecting

Research Profile

Xiao yun Sun, Professor, The Visiting Scholar of Michigan State University, USA, The Dean of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, The executive director of Hebei Artificial Intelligence, The executive director of Hebei Electrotechnical Society. XY.Sun Has presided 15 research projects (National Fundation of China (No.50874035, No. 60774050, No. 50774051); National Fundation of Hebei Province (No. 602378, No. F2007000636, No. F2009000732 ) ,etc), some of which are received awards. XY.Sun has published more than 40 papers in electronic jurnal or international conferences etc. Some papers are indexd by Three retrieval.   

Professional Honors and Awards

1.    Near surface of complicated goaf fine exploration and Research on the comprehensive control technology, project of the Science and Technology Bureau, Shandong Province, 2008. Awarded prize in 2008, Shandong Province.

Selected Recent Publications

Category 1: Fully refereed publications.

1.                Sun Xiaoyun, Liu Donghui, A New Effective Method Removing Measurement Noise in Eddy Current Nondestructive Detecting, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED ELECTROMAGNETICS AND MECHANICS2010, 33(3-4): 1173-1177SCI Indexed

2.                Zou, DHS; Cheng, JLSun Xiaoyun,  Grout quality and its impact on guided ultrasonic waves in grouted rock bolts JOURNAL OF APPLIED GEOPHYSICS2010,722):102-106  SCI Indexed

3.                Sun xiaoyun, Yuan bin, Sheng Jianni, Artificial Neural Network Applied Eddy Current  Nondestructive  Testing, Journal of Xi’an  Jiaotong University, 2000, Vol.34, No.6, P6-10 EI Indexed

4.                Sun Xiaoyun, Liu Donghui, A New Effective Method on Reducing Measurement Noise, Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, 2005,Vol.26, No.7, P738-741EI Indexed

5.                Liu Donghui, Sun Xiaoyun, The Use of RBF in Real-time Online Detecting System, Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, 2003, Vol.24, No.5, P445-448EI Indexed

6.                Sun Xiaoyun, Sun Huiqin, Liu Jianye, Gao Nan, Guo Liwei, Sheng Jianni, Use of Wavelet Transform on Eddy Current Nondestructive detecting, 5th International Symposium on Instrumentation and Control Technology, Oct.24-27, 2003, Beijing, P316321EI Indexed

7.                Sun Xiaoyun, Liu Donghui, Gao Nan, Sun Huiqin, Sheng Jianni, The Study of Fast Identifying Methods on ECNT, The 5th International Symposium on Instrumentation and Control Technology, Oct.24-27, 2003, Beijing, China, P356360EI Indexed

8.                Sun Xiaoyun, Liu Donghui, Guo Liwei, Zhen Ran, Liu Jianye, Zhang Kai, Neural Network with Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Eddy Current Nondestructive Testing, IEEE Proceedings Of The Fifth World Congress On Intelligent Control And Automation, Jun.15-19, 2004, Hangzhou, China, P2034-2038EI Indexed

9.                Sun Xiaoyun, Liu Donghui, Chen Aizu, Xue Zhihong, Neural Network with Adaptive Immune Genetic Algorithm for Eddy Current Nondestructive Testing, Proceeding Of 2006 International Conference On Machine Learning And CyberneticsAug.13-16, 2006Dalian, China, P3106-3109EI Indexed

10.            Sun Xiaoyun, Liu Donghui, Li Aihua, Feng Liqian, The Use of RBF Based on Fisher ratio for Eddy Current Nondestructive Detecting SystemAug, 2007The 3rd international conference on Natural ComputationAug. 24-27,2007, Haikou, China, P334-337EI Indexed

Category 2: Books.

1.      The Design and Application of Visual Instrument Based on Labwindows/CVI, Electronics industry Press, 2005, Editor in chief

2.      The Principle and Application on Interface & Communication Technology, Chinese Power Press, 2007, Editor in chief

3.      Power Engineering, Mechanical industry Press, 2006, Editor