Yan Yan

Master , Professor
Department of electrical and electronics engineering, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University
•M.S., Information and Communication Engineering , XiĄŻan Electronic and Science University
•B.S., Industril electrical automation , Hebei University of Tecknoledg
Research Areas
Computer Measurement and control
Research Profile
M.S.Yan Yan is a Professor of department of electrical and electronics engineering in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Her research fields include Computer Measurement and control. M.S.Yan Yan teaches microcomputer principle and interface tecknoledg, computer control tecknoledg ,Virtul instrument programming tecknoledg at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Before joining theUniversity, she was an assistant research fellow at Institute of automation of Hebei academy of sciences for ten years. M.S.Yan has published more than 20 papers.
Professional Honors and Awards
•Hebei province science and technolegy progress the first award .
Selected Recent Publications
1 Yan yan, Ma zengqiang and Yang ming , Programming skills of data acquisition and processing based on LabVIEW, Macrocomputer inforemation 2005 Vol.21 No.5 P153-154
2 Yan yan, Chen baoping Liu zhenrong and Ma zengqiang, Research of data acquisition system based on MSC1210 and RS-485 , Macrocomputer inforemation 2005 Vol.21 No.6 P.80-82
3 Yan yan, Chen baoping, Ma zengqiang and Liu shuling Design of networked remote monitoring system on bridge health, Macrocomputer inforemation 2005 Vol.21 No.8 P39-41
4 Yan yan, Ma zengqiang and Shi yancong, Design of Long-term Bridge Monitoring System Based on LabVIEW, Instrumentation Technology 2005 No.1 P.15-17 .
5 Yan yan, Chen baoping and Liu zhenrong MSC1210 and Its Application in Network Data Acquisition System, Instrumentation Technology 2005 No.3 P.11-12,20
6 Yan yan, Du fanyuan and Liu yuhong The application in network communication based on AVR MCU, Metallurgical industry automation 2004 Vol.28 No.z1 P.414-416
7 Yan yan, Liu yuhong and Chen baoping, Application of Embedded system in bridge vibration data acquisition system ,Journal of shijiazhuang railway institute 2005.Vol.18 No.2 P54-56
8 Yan yan, Liu yuhong and Gao zhanfeng A ramote bridge health monitoring system based on LabVIEW , Journal of shijiazhuang railway institute 2005 Vol.18 No.3 P37-39
9 Yan yan, Shi yancong, Ma zengqiang ,Research on Vehicle Speed Measurement by Viedeo Image Based on TsaiĄŻs Two Stage Method , The 5th International ICCSE'10 502-506
10 Yan yan, Shi yancong, Ma zengqiang , Moving Vehicle Tracking Based on Kalman Filte Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering 2011 vol(71-78) p3950-3953