Zhang Yaohui


M.S., Associate Professor

Research Institute of National Defense Communication, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•M.S., Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University 

•B.S., Bridge Engineering, Shijiazhuang Railway Institute

Research Areas

Disaster prevention and reduction engineering;

Bridge engineering theory and design;

Emergency repair of bridge engineering theory and design

Research Profile

M.S. Zhang Yaohui is an Associate Professor in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. His research fields include Disaster prevention and reduction engineering, Bridge engineering theory and design, Emergency repair of bridge engineering theory and design. Zhang Yaohui is a member of researcher at research institute of national defense communication, and he has published more than 20 papers in journals.

Professional Honors and Awards

Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 2005

Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 2011

Selected Recent Publications

1          Zhang Yaohui, Chen Shitong. Application of Large Bridge Machines in High-speed Railway Construction, Road Machinery and Construction Mechanization. 2011(4):24-29.

2          Zhang Yaohui, Zhao Cunbao. New Type of Cantilever Crane for High-Speed Railway Track Plate Constructions,Advanced Materials Research,2010.

3          Zhang Yaohui, Chen Shitong. The design and application of the towering trestle crane in the project of hoisting the oversize chemical equipments. Proceedings of ICMEM2007.

4          Chen Shitong, Zhang Yaohui. War preparedness assessment of equipment in the conveyance of the heavy-Cargo transportation. ICTE2007.

5          Zhang Yaohui, Chen Shitong. Original design of the SSJ900-type bridge girder erection machine. ICTE2007.

6          Chen Shitong, Zhang Yaohui. Design of tonnage variable high and steeringhoisting girder machine. ICTE2009.

7          Zhang Yaohui, Zhang Ping, Lu Jiuxi. Design and Application of the Multifunctional Large Cantilever Crane Used in the High Speed Railway Track Plate Engineerings. Railway Standard Design. 2010(7):65-68.

8          Zhang Yaohui, Wang Yu. 600 t hydraulic liftting gantry crane. Hoisting and Conveying Machinery. 2009(9):56-58.

9          Zhang Yaohui. The Erecting Construction Technology Were Used in Erecting Oversize Chemical Equipments With the Spliced Towering Gantry Crane Hoisting and Conveying Machinery. 2007(7):88-90.

10      Zhang Yaohui. Construction technology in erecting overpass bridges 40m oblique intersection board gilders. Hoisting and Conveying Machinery. 2007(1):72-75.

11      Zhang Yaohui. The multiscale walking technicolor model, Research of Construction Schemes for Flume Trussed Arch Underslung Suspension at Cao River. Liaoning Communication Science and Technology. 2005(1):53-55.

12      Zhang Yaohui, Bai Baohong, Zhang Yuer. Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Beams Reinforced withInternal Unbounded Prestressing.Central South Highway Engineering. 2004(4):66-68.