Zhao Cunbao


Ph.D., Senior Engineer

Research Institute of National Defence Communication, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•Ph.D., General Mechanics and Foundation of Mechanics, Harbin Institute of Technology

•M.S., General Mechanics and Foundation of Mechanics, Harbin Institute of Technology

•B.S., Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Tongji University(Shanghai Railway University)

Research Areas

 Hydroelasticity problem of fluid-solid coupling structures; Floating crossing technology

Research Profile

Dr. Zhao Cunbao is a Senior Engineer of Mechanics in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. His research fields include floating crossing technology, hydroelasticity problem of fluid-solid coupling structures. Dr. Zhao teaches Fluid mechanics at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. After joining University, he is a member of researcher at Harbin Institute of Technology. Dr. Zhao has published more than 15 papers in top journals.

Selected research experience

1.      Science and Technology Support Program of Hebei Province: Effective non-destructive identification and safety assessment of prestressed concrete Beams Bridge (No. 09215627D), 2009-2011. Main researcher.

2.      Science and Technology Support Program of Hebei Province: Application research of floating ferry technology in transportation emergency support (No.10215619D), 2010-2012, Main researcher.

3.      Shijiazhuang Railway Institute Foundation Project: Hydroelastic problem of very large floating structures (No.811048 ), 2007-2009. Presider.


Selected Recent Publications

Papers in English Journals

1.      Zhao Cunbao, Zhang Jiazhong and Huang Wenhu. Analytic solution of interaction between surface waves and floating elastic plates with elastic end-restraints. Chinese ocean engineering, Vol.21, No.1,pp.23-38,2007.

2.      Zhao Cunbao, Zhang Jiazhong and Huang Wenhu. Vibration reduction of floating elastic plates in water waves. Marine Structures, Vol.20, No.1/2,pp.71-99,2007.

3.      Cunbao Zhao, Chao Hu, Yingjie Wei, Jiazhong Zhang, Wenhu Huang. Diffraction of surface wave by floating elastic plates. Journal of Fluids and Structures, Vol.24, pp.231-249,2008.

4.      Zhao Cunbao, Liang Ruifen, Wang Hailin. Influence of the external loading conditions on the hydroelastic response of floating elastic plates. Applied Ocean Research. 30(1): 68-77, 2008.

5.      Hu Chao,Yang Honglan, Zhao Cunbao and Huang Wenhu. Unsteady Supercavitating Flow Past Cones. Journal of Hydrodynamics, Ser.B, 2006, 18(3): 262-272. Vol.21, No.1,pp.23-38.

6.      HaiYan Xing, JiaZhong Zhang, CunBao Zhao, MinQiang Xu, RiXin Wang, DaBo Wu. Fatigue Property of Steel Q235 Based on Metal Magnetic Memory Testing. 2006 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. November 5-10, 2006, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Vol.21, No.1,pp.23-38.

Papers in Chinese Journals

1.      Zhao Cunbao, Liang Ruifen, etc. Wave responses of floating elastic plates in deep water based on thick plates theory. Chinese Journal of Computational Mechanics. 27(4): 738-744, 2010.

2.      Zhao CunbaoWei YingjieZhang JiazhongHuang Wen-hu. Hydroelastic response of floating elastic plates under a periodic concentrated load. Engineering Mechanics. 25(7): 223-228, 2008.