Gao Wenzhong


 Professorate senior engineer

Director of Measurement and Control Technology Lab

School of Mechanical Engineering, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University




In 1981, graduated from Department of Mechanics, Engineering College of Railway Corps.

In 1986-1988, studied Electronic &.Electric, at SW Transportation University.



Research Areas

Mechatronics Technology, Microcomputer Application, Electronic  Measurement &. Control Technology



Professional Honors and Awards

In 2006,.Wenzhong Gao was granted with Professorate Senior Engineer.For a long period of time, He engages in the teaching, experimenting and researching on the Mechatronics Technology, the application of Microcomputers and the Measurement &.Control Technology. 60 papers have been published, including 2 in EI searches.2 papers are honored with 1st Class Paper by Shijiazhuang Railway University, and 15 papers, 2nd Class Paper. He has gained 1 national patent, and takes charge of or participates in 29 research programs, including 1 from the National Nature Science Foundation Program, 3 from the Provincial Nature Science Foundation Program, 18 provincial level programs, and in charge of 2 programs sponsored by the provincial education department, 2 programs by CRCC, and 1 more by the University, and also 6 cooperative programs. 2 programs are awarded Hebei Provincial Science & Technology Progress Award, 1st Class, 1 awarded Railway Ministry Science & Technology Progress Award, 4th Class, 1 awarded 1st Class of bureau level, and another 2 more, 2nd Class. In 2004, He was titled with Master Tutor.



Research Profiles

In charge of:

1.      In 2009-2011, research and exploitation on the computer control system of energy saving for engines of construction machinery, a science &. technology development plan program, sponsored by Shijiazhuang Municipal Government.

2.      In 2007-2009, research on the controlling system of automatic guiding for transportation trucks, a science &. technology development plan program, sponsored by Hebei Province Education Department.

3.      In 2005-2007, promotion of matching technology of the safety, efficiency, and energy saving of big construction machinery, by Hebei Science Department.

4.      In 2004-2005, research and practice of teaching system of the comprehensive testing of innovation experiments used in Mechanics Specialty, by Hebei Education Department.

5.      In 2001-2003, computer control system of engine accelerators, by Hebei Education Department Foundation.

6.      In 2001-2003, quick startup system under low temperature of construction machinery, by CRCC Foundation.




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