Guo Hongkai


Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Physics, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, Fudan University

•M.S., High energy Physics, Henan Normal University

•B.S., Physics Education, Hebei Normal University

Research Areas

Solid Liquid interface research using Molecule Dynamics Method,

Research Profile

Dr. Hongkai Guo is an Associate Professor of Physics in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. His research fields include Condensed matter physics, high energy physics. Dr. Guo teaches fundamental physics, calorifics at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Before joining University, he was a Member of researcher at Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Acadmy of Sciences. Dr. Guo has published more than 12 papers in top journals.

Professional Honors and Awards

•Excellent Graduate Student of Henan Normal University Award, 1999.

Selected Recent Publications

1          Guo Hongkai, Tao RuiBao and Wen WeijJia, Dynamics and statistics study of rings formed by magnetic balls, PHYS LETT A 340, 427- 433, 2005

2          Guo HongKai, Fang Haiping, Drop Size Dependence of the Contact Angle of Nanodroplets,  CHIN PHYS LETT 22(4) 787, 2005

3          Guo HongKai, Tao RB and Lin MinYue, Quantitative analysis of rod like micelle solutions viscosity using microscopic parameters, INT J MOD PHYS B 17 (1-2), 119, 2003

4          Guo HongKai, Tao RuiBao and Shi AnChang, Phase separation of ferrofluids in applied field, INT J MOD PHYS B 17 (1-2), 213, 2003

5          Lu GongRu, Guo HongKai, Yue ChongXing, Xiao ZhenJun,  Process e(+) e(-) -> (t)over-barc in topcolor-assisted technicolor model, HIGH ENERG PHYS NUCL. 24 (9), 810, 2000

6          Lu GongRu, Xiao ZhenJun, Guo HongKai and Lu LinXia, Inclusive eta ' production in B decays and the enhancement due to charged technipions ,  J PHYS G 25 (9), L85-L89, 1999

7           Xiao ZhenJun, Zhang JinYu, Lu LinXia, Guo HongKai and Lu GongRu, The rare decay K+-> pi(+)- nu(nu) over-bar and effects of charged technipions, COMMU THEOR PHYS 32 (2), 287, 1999

8          Xiao ZhenJun, Lu LinXia, Guo HongKai and Lu GongRu, The rare K-decays in the Multiscale Walking Technicolor Model, EUR PHYS J C 7 (3), 487, 1999

9           Xiao ZhenJun, Lu LinXia, Zhang JinYu, Guo HongKai and Lu GongRu, Rare K-decays and its strong constraints on the multiscale walking technicolor model, HIGH ENERG PHYS NUCL 23 (11), 1070, 1999

10      Xiao ZhenJun, Lu LinXia, Guo HongKai and Lu GongRu, Rare decays B -> X-s, X-d nu(nu)over-bar and B-s,B-d -> l(+)l(-) in the multiscale walking technicolor model, CHIN PHYS LETT 16 (2), 88, 1999

11      Lu GongRu, Xiao ZhenJun,Guo HongKai and Lu LinXia, Inclusive eta' production in B decays and the enhancement due to charged technipions, HIGH ENERG PHYS NU