Li Shaohua


Ph.D., Associate Professor

School of Mechanical Engineering, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•Ph.D., Vehicle Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University

•M.S., Mechanical Design and Theory, Shijiazhuang Railway Institute

•B.S., Mechanical Design and Theory, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Research Areas

Vehicle dynamics and control, Vehicle-road interaction

Research Profile

Dr. Shaohua Li is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Her research fields include Vehicle dynamics and control, Vehicle-road interaction. Dr. Li teaches Mechanical Manufacture, Vibration Theory at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Dr. Li has published more than 15 papers in top journals.

Professional Honors and Awards

•Science and Technology Progress Awards of Hei Province, 2005 (In third place).

•Outstanding master's degree paper prize of Hei Province, 2006.

•Natural Science Awards of Hei Province, 2009 (In fourth place).

Selected Recent Publications

1          Shaohua Li, Shaopu Yang, Wenwu Guo.  Investigation on chaotic motion in hysteretic non-linear suspension system with multi-frequency excitation. MECHANICS RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, 31, 229~236, 2004

2          Shaohua Li, Shaopu Yang. Primary resonance of a vehicle suspension with  nonlinear stiffness and nonlinear damping. THE 8TH BIENNIAL ASME CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING SYSTEMS DESIGN AND ANALYSIS, Torino, Italy, July, 2006

3          Shaopu Yang, Shaohua Li, Yongjie Lu. Dynamics of Vehicle-pavement coupled system based on a revised flexible roller contact tire model. SCIENCE IN CHINA, SERIES E52(3): 721-730, 2009

4          Shaohua Li, Shaopu Yang.  Investigation of the interaction between a vehicle and the road using the second road excitation on the vehicle. PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, PART D: JOURNAL OF AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING, 223(7): 855-863, 2009

5          Shaopu Yang, Shaohua Li, Yongjie Lu. Investigation on dynamical interaction between a heavy vehicle and road pavement. VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS48(8): 923C944, 2010

6          Shaohua Li, Shaopu Yang. Chaos in Vehicle Suspension System with Hysteretic NonlinearityJOURNAL OF VIBRATION MEASUREMENT & DIAGNOSIS, 23(2): 86~89, 2003

7          Shaohua Li, Shaopu Yang. Sub-harmonic resonance and singularity of a nonlinear vehicle suspension system, JOURNAL OF VIBRATION ENGINEERING, 20(2): 168-173, 2007

8          Shaohua Li, Shaopu Yang, Haoyu Li. Investigation on Semi-active Controlled Vehicle Suspension Based on Adams-Matlab Co-simulation, JOURNAL OF SYSTEM SIMULATION, 19(10): 2304~2307, 2007

9          Shaohua Li, Shaopu Yang. Dynamical interaction between heavy vehicle and road pavement, JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND SHOCK, 29(6): 69-71, 2009