Wang Zhanzhong


Ph.D., Associate Professor

School of Mechanical Engineering, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•Ph.D., Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Tianjin University

•M.S., Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Harbin University of Science and Technology

•B.S., Manufacturing Processes and Equipment, Harbin University of Science & Technology

Research Areas

Numeric Control Technology and Digital Manufacturing, Robot Technology and Application.

Research Profile

Dr. Zhanzhong Wang is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in Shijiazhuang

Tiedao University. His research fields include Numeric control technology and Digital

manufacturing, Robot technology and application. Dr. Wang teaches Robotics, Numeric control

technology and Professional english at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University.

Professional Honors and Awards

Prominent teacher, Shijiazhuang Railway Institutes, 2002.

•Excellent faculty adviser of Graduation Design, Shijiazhuang Railway Institutes, 2002, 2005.

•Excellent faculty adviser of Graduation Design, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, 2010.

•Teaching quality award, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, 2011.

Selected Recent Publications

1.      Zhanzhong Wang, Linzhang Cheng, Xiaoke Fan. Dynamic Modeling of Oblique Crossing 3R Wrist with Virtual Link Method. Advanced Materials Research Vol. 422 (2012) pp 55-60   (EI20115214643674)

2.      Zhanzhong Wang, Linzhang Cheng, Weijie Wang. Design and Simulation of the Drill Groove Squeegee Roller’s Profile. Advanced Materials Research Vol. 421 (2012) pp 493-498  (EI20115214641944)

3.      Wang Zhanzhong, Cheng Linzhang, Fan Xiaoke. Structural design and kinematics analysis of oblique crossing 3DOF NC spindle. Advanced Materials Research Vols. 317-319 (2011) pp 1908-1913  (EI20113914372578 )

4.      Zhanzhong Wang, Chaoying Liu, Yanjun Han. Full Parameter Error Identification Model and Calibration of Continuous 3R Obllique Axis Non-spherical Wrist. 2009 Second International Conference on Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation, Changsha, Hunan,China 10-11 October 2009 P57-61 EI20095112564795

5.      Wang ZhanzhongZhang DaweiHan Hongzhi. Design and kinematics analysis of oblique axis non-spherical 3R wrist. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics, ICAL 2007, p 995-1000EI081211155036

6.      Wang Zhanzhong, Zhang Dawei, Han Hongzhi. Design and Kinematics Analysis of the  Continuous 3R Oblique Axis Non-spherical Wrist. 200841(1):103108 (in Chinese)EI081111146981

7.      Wang Zhan-zhong,  Zhang Da-wei, An Yan-song. Inverse Kinematics Analysis of the 6R Serial Spraying Manipulator with Non-spherical Wrist. Journal of Tianjin University. 200740(6): 665 670 (in Chinese)EI: 073210754699

8.      Li Minxia, Li Xiuhui, Wang Zhanzhong. A Study of Airflow Organization in the Desert Environment Simulation Laboratory. Advanced Materials Research Vols. 171-172(2011) pp 728-731  (EI20110313594102)

9.      Mingzhu Xu, Yiping Jiang, Cunzhi Pan, Wang Zhanzhong. An incremental predictive functional control based on Kautz model. 1st International Conference on Sustainable Power Generation and Supply, SUPERGEN '09, 2009,  (EI: 20101712891606)