Xu Mingxin

Master, Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


M.E., Engineering Machinery, Southwest Jiaotong University

B.E., Engineering Machinery, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University

Research Areas

Application Management of Engineering Machinery and Fault Diagnosis.

Research Profile

Master Mingxin Xu is an Professor of Engineering in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. He has always been engaged researching applications in management, maintenance, useness and fault diagnosis of engineering machinery. In recent years, he hosted one technology research project from department of Railway Ministry science and technology, one Railway Ministry foundation project, and three main researches projects from Railway Ministry , has beening in research of Liaoning water conservancy Bureau project , and published more than 18 academic papers.In the past few years, he worked as an expert for many construction sites and also created the highest record of TBM daily and monthly drivage for many times. As a tech consultant expert in the TBM manufacturer he took participation in debug assembly, monitoring diagnosis, pre-bidding and expert appraisal work for TBM project in long-term and undertook series important research subjects and services for engineering consulting. For instance, undertook an important tech innovation issue: maintaining and state monitoring of slurry shield machine in the project of Yangtse River tunnel in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. He took part in introducing, choosing and bidding TBM production used in city-subway, railway and water tunnel engineering to Railway Ministry and also was in charge of the TBM technical training for construction workers. As a member of TBM construction expert group he recently participated in Gezhouba Dam's Ethiopia GD-3 project preparatory work.


Professional Honors and Awards

Full Face Rock Tunnel Boring Machinery Tunneling Technology Research about the Qinling TunnelúČMay 2003, a first class prize of Hebei provincial scientific and technological progress

Extra-long QinLing Tunnel Construction Technology, August 2003, The first class national scientific and technological progress award

• Full Face Tunnel Rock Boring Machinery Tunneling Technology Research and Application in the Long and Large Tunnels, November 2005, The second class national scientific and technological progress award

Selected Recent Publications

1  Xu MingXin, Sha MingYuan and Qi MengXue, Ferrography and Spectrum Data Process of TBM Oil, Journal of Tongji University 12, 1429-1433, 2001

2  Xu MingXin, Ma HuaiXiang, How to Increase Work Time Utilization for Tunnel Boring Machinery, Construction Machinery and Equipment 6, 45-47, 2004

3  Xu MingXin, DuLiJie, The invalidation reasons and countermeasures of TBM clutchí»s friction pieces,  Construction Machinery 7, 94-97, 2004

4  Xu MingXin, Ma HuaiXiang, The Measure of improve TBM tunneling speed in the fractured section condition, Mining & Processing Equipment 6, 45-47, 2004

5  Wu LiJun, Xu MingXin, Analysis of Ferrographical Fault Diagnosis Methods for the Transmission of TBM, Lubrication Engineering 5, 60-63, 2004

6  Wang ManZeng, Xu MingXin, Design and development of Fault diagnosis expert system for TBM, Construction Machinery 11, 65-69, 2003

7  Du YanLiang, Xu MingXin, Zhi XiaoHui, Full Face Rock Tunnel Boring Machineí¬Maintenance and Monitoring Diagnosis, to be published, Huazhong Science and Technology University Press, 2011