Li Hua


Ph.D., Professor

Department of Engineering Mechanics, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Central South University, 1998

•M.S., Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, 1992

•B.S., Engineering Mechanics, Southwest Jiaotong University, 1989


Research Areas

Mechanics behavior and safety evaluation in the bridge structure construction

Research Profile

Dr. Hua Li is a Professor of civil engineering in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Her research focuses on mechanics behavior and structural design of prestressed concrete bridges. Dr. Li teaches Structural Analysis, Mechanics of plate and shell, Structural dynamics at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Dr. Li has published more than ten papers in top journals.

Professional Honors and Awards

l  In 2004, acquired the first prize in the third national competition of prelection of structural analysis and elastic theory, held by the Ministry of Education

l  In 2006, Famous teacher in Shijiazhuang Railway Institute

Selected Recent Publications

1.        Li Hua, Wu Lanhe, Influence Line Construction of Continuous Curved Beam Bridge Using Singular-curved-beam-method, ENGINEERING MECHANICS, vol.22, Supplement,  26-30,2005

2.        Li Hua, Ren Jianying, Analysis of Shear Lag of Ribbed Slab Structure Under Combined Bending and Axial Loading, BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION, 4, 24-26, 2005

3.        Li Hua,  Guo Wenwu, Finite Segment Method for Shear Lag Analysis of double Ribbed Main Beam Under Axial Loading, MECHANICS IN ENGINEERING,5, 50-52,2005

4.        Lihua, Li Yanqiang, Wu Lanhe, A Practical Computational Method of Structural Analysis for Curved Beam with Double-cantilever State during casting Symmetrically in Stages, RAILWAY STANDARD DESIGN, 8, 75-77,2004

5.        Lihua, Gao Yongli, Erection of the Steel Tubular Arch Rib of Diaozhongyan Extra Large Bridge, RAILWAY STANDARD DESIGN, 7,52-53,2003

6.        Li Hua, Wang Daobin, Zeng Qingyuan, Analysis of the Ultimate Load Capacity for Long-span Continuous Rigid-frame Bridge Prestressed Concrete Box Beam, CHINA JOURNAL OF HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORT, 1, 38-43,2000

7.        Li Hua, Wang Daobin, Wu Lanhe  Nonlinear Analysis of the load-deflection Curve for RC beamsĦħ, JOURNAL OF SHIJIAZHUANG RAILWAY INSTITUTE,1, 27-30,2000

8.        Li Hua, Niu Xueqin, Design and Calculation of Centering Structure for Constructing Extra-large Stone Arch Bridge, BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION, 3, 34-36,1999

9.        Li Hua, Huang Lin, Wang Daobin, Geometrical Nonlinear Analysis for Thin-walled Box-girder in Consideration of the effect of Local Deformation, JOURNAL OF SHIJIAZHUANG RAILWAY INSTITUTE, 3, 10-13,1999

10.    Li Hua, Stiffness Matrix Formulation of Thick Beam Based on High Order Shear Deformation Theory, JOURNAL OF SHIJIAZHUANG RAILWAY INSTITUTE,2, 32-38,1997