Liu Shuhong


Ph.D., Professor

Department of Engineering Mechanics, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University

•M.S., Solid Mechanics, Southwest Jiaotong University

•B.S., Civil Engineering, Hebei Normal University

Research Areas

Mechanical Behavior of Materials and Structures

Research Profile

Pro. Shuhong Liu is an professor of engineering mechanics in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Her research fields include solid mechanics, structural safety evaluation and mechanical bearing capacity of intelligent materials. Pro. Liu teaches theoretical mechanics, engineering mechanics, elasticity and composite mechanics at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Pro. Liu has published about 20 papers in domestic and foreign journal ,and as an editor, published a textbook.

Professional Honors and Awards

1  Hebei Province Quality Courses "Theoretical Mechanics" Responsible Person, 2009

2  Three-level Candidates of Hebei New Century "333 Talent Project", 2009

3  Youth Award of Eighth Zhan Tianyou Railway Science and Technology, 2007

4  Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Shijiazhuang City, 2006

5  Hebei Province Quality Courses "elasticity" , 2011

Selected Recent Publications

1          S.H. Liu, Y.L. Du, Y.Q. Li, C.J. Yang. The plane problem solution of piezoelectric material with a line crack, Advanced Materials Research, 2008,33-37: 533-538

2          S.H. Liu, M. Wu, S.M. Duan, H.J. Wang. Plane electromechanical fields in a piezoelectric material with a crack, Key Engineering Material, 2006, 324-325: 247-250

3          Y.L. Du, S.H. Liu, S.J. Duan, Y.Q. Li. Plane electromechanical fields in a piezoelectric material containing an elliptical hole. Advanced Materials Research, 2008, 33-37: 539-544

4          M.J. Zhou, S.J. Duan, Y.P. Kong, S.H. Liu. Stress distribution in a piezoelectric material with an elliptical hole subjected to remote uniform shear mechanical and electric loads. Advanced Materials Research, 2010, 97-101: 956-959

5          Y.Q. Li, Y.L. Du, S.H. Liu. Influence of the tension variety on non-linear natural frequency of an inclined cable. Advanced Materials Research, 2011, 163-167: 2585-2591