Xu Buqing


Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Engineering Mechanics, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•Ph.D., Vehicle engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University

•M.S., Solid mechanics, Tianjin University

•B.S., Traffic civil engineering, Shijiazhuang Railway Institute

Research Areas

Pavement mechanics; Vibration and noise control

Research Profile

Dr. Buqing Xu is an Associate Professor of Mechanics in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. His research fields include pavement mechanics, vibration and noise control. Dr. Xu teaches Material Mechanics, Elasto-plasticity Mechanics at Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. Dr. Xu has published more than 20 papers in journals.

Selected Recent Publications

1          Buqing Xu, Shaopu Yang, Haoyu Li. Sound radiation of a functionally graded material cylindrical shell in water by mobility method, Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters, 2011, 1(6).

2          Buqing Xu, Shaopu Yang, Haoyu Li. Sound Radiation from a Finite FGM Cylindrical Shell Covered with a Compliant Layer, 2008, Second International Symposium on Intelligent Information Technology Application. 512-521. (EIISTP)

3          Bu-Qing Xu. Sound Radiation from Finite FGM Cylindrical Shell Excited by a Rotating Load, 3rd International Conference on Innovative Computing Information and Control, ICICIC'08, 2008.EI ¼

4          Buqing Xu, Shaopu Yang, Haoyu Li. Sound Radiation from a Baffled FGM Rectangular Plate with Point Excitation Force, 2007, Second International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. (ISTP)

5          Xu Buqing, Yang Shaopu, Ma Xintan. Sound radiation from a baffled FGM rectangular plate with line excitation force. Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University, 2009, 33(1): 54-58.

6          Xu Buqing, Yang Shaopu, Qi Yueqin. Sound radiation from finite FGM cylindrical shell in water. Journal of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University (Natural Science). 2011, 24(3): 44-49.