Gu Zhuquan



Department of Mathematics and Physics, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


•B.E., Railway Construction, the PLA Railway Corps Engineering College.

Research Areas

Integrable Systems and Partial Differential Equations.

Research Profile

Prof. Zhuquan Gu is a research supervisor of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University and Hebei University of Technology, dean of Mathematics and Physics in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, vice president of Hebei Society for Industry and Applied Mathematics, executive director of Hebei Mathematical Society, and vice president of Shijiazhuang Mathematical Society. He has published more than 40 papers in top journals, among which more than 10 papers have been quoted by SCI, and more than 20 papers have been quoted by research findings of international frontier hotspots.

Professional Honors and Awards

National Excellent Teacher

Hebei excellent young teacher

Outstanding contribution and experts of the Ministry of Railways

To receive the state council special allowance

Selected Recent Publications

1          Zhuquan Gu. Classical Liouville Completely Integrable Systems Associated with the Solutions of Boussinesq-Burgers Hierarchy. Journal of Mathematical Physics,1990.7 (31):1374-1380.

2          Zhuquan Gu. Complex Confocal Involutive Systems Associated with the Solutions of the AKNS Evolution Equations. Journal of Mathematical physics,1991.7 (32):1498-1504.

3          Zhuquan Gu. Two Finite-Demensional Completely Integrable Hamiltonian Systems Associated with the Solutions of the MKDV Hierarchy. Journal of Mathematical physics,1991.7 (32):1531-1536.

4          Zhuquan Gu. New Integrable Systems And the MKDV Hierarchy. CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN, 1991.10 (36):1683-1688..

5          Gu Zhuquan. The KP Equation: the Lax Pairs, the Backlund Transformation and the Infinite Conservation Laws. Chinese Science Bulletin. 1989, 2:85-89.

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22       Jiangwen Wu, Hongkai Guo, Qun Wei, Zhuquan Gu. Super Conducting Energy Gap in Fullerides. Modern Physics Letters. B. 2008, 19 (22).