Zhang Baocai



Department of Mathematics and Physics, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University.


•B.S., Railway Construction, the PLA Railway Corps Engineering College.

Research Areas

Integrable Systems and Partial Differential Equations.

Research Profile

Prof. Baocai Zhang is a research supervisor of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University and Hebei University of Technology. His research fields include Integrable Systems and Partial Differential Equations. He has published more than 30 papers in top journals.

Professional Honors and Awards

Teaching famous teacher of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University

Outstanding instructor of China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Selected Recent Publications

1          Zhang Baocai, Gu Zhuquan,The Coupled HD hierarchy and a classical integrable system of the complex form, J.Phys.AMath.Gen 24, 1991.

2          Zhang Baocai, Gu Zhuquan, A non-Confocal generator of involutive systems and Levy hierarchy, J.Phys.AMath.Gen 26, 1993.

3          Zhang Baocai, Gu Zhuquan, The involutive representation of solutions the Coupled Kdv equation, IL NVOVO CIMENTO,107B, 1992.

4          Zhang Baocai, The mixed nonlinear schrodingger equation and a classical intergrabe system of complex form, Indian Journal of Math.34 (2), 1992.

5          Zhang Baocai, Chen Qinghui, A new intergrable system and third-order spectral problem, IL NVOVO CIMENTO 116B, 2001.

6          Zhang Baocai, Chen Qinghui, On gauge equivalent constrained flow and r-matrices for AKNS hierarchy and Levy hierarchy, IL NVOVO CIMENTO 117B, 2002.

7          Zhang Baocai, Gu Zhuquan, A C.Neuman system and the involutive representation of solutions of hierarchy for the coupled nonlinear wave equation, ACTC Mathematics scientia,Vol.15, 1995.

8          Zhang Baocai, Gu Zhuquan, The Solutions of the BROER-KAUP Solution Hierarchy Ierarchy and Complex Involutive Nvolutive Systems, Annals of Differential Equations, 1995, 1 (11).

9          Zhang Baocai, Gu Zhuquan, The Involutive Representation of the Solution for the Coupled BURGER-MKdV Equation, ANN. OF DIFF.EQS. 1994.1(10):82-88.

10      Mu Weihua, Zhang Baocai, Qiao Zhijun, A new polynomial involutive system and a classical completely integrable system, ACTA Mathematics scientia, Vol.18, 1992.

11      Liu Xianglin, Chen Qinghui, Zhang Baocai, On gauge equivalent integrable systems and r-matrices for AKNS hierarchy and a coupled Mkdv hierarchy, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Vol.24, 2003.